De-stress Getaway : A 3-day trip for rest, renewal, and rejuvenation

A 3-day trip for rest, renewal, and rejuvenation.

Always feeling tired and exhausted at the end of the day?

Feeling so stressed with the things that you do and the feeling is overwhelming?

Burned out with the demands from your commitments with work and life?

Are you getting sick more often?

Hello, I’m Dr. Didoy Lubaton.

Let me help you turn your feeling of being so stressed to feeling so blessed.

If you could relate to one or all of these, you may be experiencing chronic fatigue.

And these are symptoms of Toxic stress, the root of all illness.

You may be experiencing headaches, backaches, or chronic sickness.

Maybe you feel dull and you are not at your 100% at your work and at home.

Your relationships are strained and you can’t seem to get it fixed.

You may seem to have lost direction in your life, or just maybe not happy with how life is going for you now.

Hey, maybe you are actually in a crisis and you may not recognize it.

There is hope. You have the power over toxic stress.

My friend, I encourage you to stop, look to yourself, and listen to your body and to your being. The first step in solving the problem is recognizing there is one.

Once you recognize you are in toxic stress, you could heal yourself of it.

Stress starts with the mind.

When we reprogram the mind, the body and being follows.

Are you in toxic stress? Would you like to take reclaim your life and start living happy and healthy again?

In our fast-paced world now, we are always on the go and pushing as best as we can to achieve our goals. I meet people who often get frustrated because they’ve done everything in their power but yet they feel so far away from their goals.

Let me tell you a principle to help you.

There is an appointed time for everything.

Nature and healing takes its time to recuperate and recover.

Career, business, and finances need time to build.

Relationships go through joys and sorrows.

Can you notice?

We go through seasons in the different areas of our lives.

Even the down times happen for a purpose.

Seasons come for a reason.

Slow down.

An engine can’t run for 24 hours a day 7 hours a week all the time.

If it does, the engine will overheat and shut down.

If you put so much pressure on your body and being for a long time, it will eventually break.

Take time to rest.

Take time to celebrate your progress.

Slow is fast.

Sometimes you need to pullback for a greater comeback.

I’d like to invite you to

DE-STRESS GETAWAY: Get Closer To God, Away From The Noise

A 3-day trip for rest, renewal, and rejuvenation.

5 Reasons WHY You Should Join This DE-STRESS GETAWAY:

  1. We’ll go to a fantastic place where we could just rest and enjoy nature.Our eyes will feast on good sights; we’ll spend time under the sun, be refreshed with the fresh air, and listen to mother nature’s sounds.

  1. We’ll slow down.No work, no pressures.We’ll have talk sessions to give us directions throughout the trip.We’ll have worship sessions, and be reinvigorated by God.We’ll have times to reflect and meditate.We’ll have time to be with nature, away from the noise of the city.Most of all, we’ll have plenty of time to rest and sleep.

  1. There will be time when we’ll be re-energized with a good company of people who   are also in the same journey. A burden shared is a burden light. I firmly believe that loving connection heals. We’ll have meaningful conversations and we’ll journey together.

  1. We’ll eat food that your body will thank you for. We’ll have nutritious food that will make us regain our strength and vitality.

  1. We’ll have talk sessions and activities to give us directions throughout the trip.


Session Topics:

  • Breaking Free From Toxic Stress
  • Mindfulness and Wholeness
  • Making The Most of Your Time
  • What Really Makes You Happy and Healthy




  • Meditation Class
  • Nature Walk and Boat Ride
  • Physical Exercises with a Fitness Coach
  • Plenty of Rest Time


What makes this different from organizing your own out of town trip?

Just sign-up and we’ll take care of everything:

  • De-Stress Getaway Program
  • Resort Accommodation
  • Access To Resort Facilities and Activities
  • Nutritious and Sumptuous Food

Here are some details of our GETAWAY Trip

Date: October 23-25, 2017

(Yes, it’s a Monday-Wednesday. I want you to make a commitment to yourself and leave everything behind) 

Venue: Paradiso Beach Resort, Anilao, Batangas

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Here’s a special bonus!

When you sign-up, you get a copy of my book,


How To Take Care Of Your Health So You Can Take Care Of Others

It would be a good read for you while on this trip.

If you feel that this DE-STRESS GETAWAY Trip is for you, send us an email at and we’ll be happy give you more details for this event.

You may also send an SMS to our team, 09959811893.


Blessing and healing,


YES Doc Didoy, I want to join the

Registration Fee: P12,000

Early Bird Rate: P10,000
(Til September 30, 2017)


Some people think that taking a break would be a wasted time.

My friend, it will actually be a recovery time for you.

A pullback is a set up for a greater comeback.

After this trip you get back to your life with the much-needed boost!

If you’d like to sign up for this GETAWAY Trip, send us an email at and we’ll be happy give you more details for this event.

You may also send an SMS to our team, 09959811893.