Think Wholeness

What you think becomes your reality.

We’ve heard this many times from different sources.

But this is also true with regards to our health and well-being.

When you want to be really healthy and happy, think of wholeness.

Our body, soul, and spirit are one. One affects the other.

Get a bigger perspective on what it means to be really healthy -to be healthy in different aspects of our lives.

I believe that to live to our full potential, we win in every area of our lives. Let’s begin to think that being healthy is not just about being sexy and bodily fit. It’s to have a sharp mind,  to be productive everyday, to be financially abundant and generous, to have vibrant community life, to have fantastic relationships, to realize our goals, and with enough time for rest and recreation amidst all these. To be healthy is to be in touch with our Maker; to receive grace and to be grateful for the blessings.

It’s all about balance.

And the thing that disrupts our wholeness balance is stress.

When any aspect of our life is stressed beyond it’s capacity to endure, we feel broken, we feel burned out.

It’s a daily decision to achieve this balance. I encourage you to make small steps every day towards wholeness; we can begin with our thoughts. Our thoughts will become lead to action, repeated action leads to habits, habits leads to your reality.

Blessing and healing,


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