What is the root cause of illnesses?

Dado is a 42 year old, a husband, a father of 3 kids, and works as a company driver.

He was diagnosed to have hyperthyroidism.

He was having palpitations, heat intolerance, mood swings, and unintentional weight loss. He’s been on medications and routing blood monitoring checkups for 4 years now.

He comes to me to ask if there’s a ‘cure’ to his condition because he doesn’t like to take medications for the rest of his life. I first asked and checked him up on regarding his current condition.

He has symptom control already, no more body complaints. He’s been in and out of his medications depending on the results of his blood tests.

Then I asked what has already been done – his medications, his procedures, and the like. And then I dug deeper into his medical history.

When asked about how long has he been feeling the symptoms of increased thyroid hormones, he said he’s been feeling the condition since the year 2002 and just ignored it until the symptoms got worse.

Wow that’s 10 years of not listening to the body. I’m not surprised that the body had to ‘shout out’ symptoms just so he finally listens to what’s going on inside him.

I explained to him that hyperthyroidism is a dis-ease of his metabolism.

And it has no particular specific cause.

Stress is the root cause. Disease is rooted in dis-ease in the physical, emotional, psychosocial, financial, and spiritual aspect of the person.

I prescribed him three things as starters:

  1. Uninterrupted sleep for 7-8 hours daily. Shared to him some helpful tips to good sleep. 
  2. Better nutrition options, no more junk food and processed food. Shared to him some ways to eat better and feel better, to make food as his medicine.
  3. Stress management through dialogue with his wife and family, to be able to release the tensions inside his body.

As of this writing, he has tapered off with the medications, and enjoying life, with renewed vigor and vitality.

We can fight toxic stress naturally. There is always hope. 

Blessing and healing, 

Doc Didoy

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