There is hope

I met a 45 year old woman in the clinic with her husband helping her as she walked with her swollen feet. I noticed her unkempt appearance, her energy low and afraid. She has been battling with diabetes for years now and can’t seem to control it. She gave me her laboratory tests and it showed her fasting blood sugar is in the 300+ level (normal result is 100+) and her HbA1C glycosylated hemoglobin (blood sugar control for the past 3 months) is 12.5 (normal result range is 5-6).

She saw different doctors before and she has 6 maintenance medications that she showed me.

I asked her if she wants to get well, and she nodded and her eyes showed her desperation and hopelessness. And so we connected and talked for about an hour conversing about what’s happening in her body and in her being. She shared her emotions, her sources of stress, her family situation, and so much more. We talked about what she could do about her situation like getting better sleep, eating the right kind of food, good hydration, and activities like receiving enough sunlight, exercise, right balance of work and rest. I reduced her medications from six to two, most of the medicines she doesn’t even understand why she’s taking it. Most of all, she finally made a decision and a commitment to take care of herself. We agreed to continue to connect and update each other, and after 3 months to see each other again in the clinic.

On follow-up, I was so pleasantly surprised to see her so alive and well! I didn’t recognize her at first glance. She was walking on her own, her skin was glowing, and you can sense joy radiating into the room. She presented to me her lab results and I was stunned at what I saw. Her fasting blood sugar dropped to 107mg/dl and her Hba1C was down to 7.5. Amazing recovery! I asked her what happened to her and she responded that she did everything that we agreed on and she also added more things in her health-giving routine. Aside from physical efforts, she also made a deeper connection with her husband and kids. She recognized her stresses and addressed them one by one as much as she could. She was more grateful now for what she has and not focusing on what she lacks. There was renewal of mind and there was mending of her heart. She prayed more, recognizing that the healing grace flows from God, and she opened herself to His love. I saw that she did not just experience healing in her body; she changed her life for good.  A holistic approach to her body and being gave her the results beyond her expectations.

There is Hope!

I believe that our body is created magnificently and we have the capability to heal.

We need to listen to our body and being more aware of ourselves, recognizing what it’s communicating and giving what our body and being needs. We are made by nature, that’s why our best healing mechanism is also from nature. We get sick because we have a fragmented and unnatural belief and lifestyle. We need to heal as a whole system, getting to the root cause of the diseases not just treating the symptoms. I believe real healing happens when healing is from inside out. We heal not just the body, but also the mind and heart too.


Blessing and healing,

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