Taking A Different Perspective

Let me share you a story.

Marjorie is a 48-year-old government executive, separated from her husband, and feeling a relationship drift with her only son. She’s burned out at work, and recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She had her diseased breast removed and now feels so afraid her uncertain future.

She feels so small and said she’s down to her lowest point in her life.

During our sessions, I encouraged her to listen to what could be the message of all these things happening in her life.

Desperate to get well, she changed her lifestyle, eating good nutrition and getting more sleep now.

She reconciled and made peace with her husband, and takes her son now out on weekly dates. She surrounded herself with positive and happy friendships.

She got reconnected to God, going to confessions and mass regularly again. She has started attending the Feast too.

She’s still in the process of recovery.

But the healing process is powerful and beautiful.

She said that if not for her current situation, she wouldn’t have recognized how toxic her life is, and she may not have done any significant action to change her life.

Her sickness has become her biggest blessing.

She now has regained control of her life, and slowly but surely restoring the wholeness of health that was broken.

I learned this powerful equation from Jack Canfield.

E + R = O

“E” stands for Events

“R” stands for Response

“O” stands for Outcome

Events are all around us. And most of the time, events whether good or bad spontaneously happen. We do not have control of it all the time.

Our Response is our reaction, emotion, action towards any event.

It is in our response to these events that what we have control of.

Outcome is the direct result of the events and our actions towards them.

Your health is an outcome.

If you do not like the current outcome of your health, don’t blame it on the stress (event).

You’d rather take a better position and deal with the stress differently (response).

For example, we could be surrounded with different stresses at work like:

  • Heavy workload
  • Pressure to fulfill quotas
  • Cluttered work environment
  • Toxic people at work

But we could choose to react positively to it:

  • Focus on the progress than the problem
  • Having a ‘can-do’ and ‘it’s okay’ attitude
  • Cleaning up your workspace and files
  • Surrounding yourself with meaningful relationships

By doing this, you influence the stress response to turn into the relaxation response.

You are mindful of the stress and you manage the stress first in your mind.

Whatever your mind commands, your body will follow.

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