Practical holistic tips on Overcoming Anxiety

Hi friends! Our last topic was about anxiety attacks. Now, let’s explore some practical holistic ways on how to OVERCOME anxiety.
1.Expose yourself little by little to your fears (as long as it’s not directly life-threatening).
2. Record when and what triggers your anxiety. This will help you grow more aware of the situation. It will help you plan small steps to face it.
3. Explore physical activity like exercise, which needs you to concentrate. It may help take off your mind off your anxiety.
4. Relax. Try adult coloring books or get a massage.
5. Eat more of the fruits and veggies, less of the sugary food. Sudden rises in blood sugar can trigger anxiety.
6. Take your coffee, tea, or chocolate drink in moderation.
Let me know what other ways you deal with your anxiety. Let’s journey together and help you heal naturally.


Blessing and healing,

P.S. Here are specialist or center that you can connect to:
LOJ Pastoral Care Center
(+63) 02 7259-9999 | (+63) 02 726-0267 | (+63) 02 726-6728 (+63) 02 726-4709

Center for Family Ministries (Cepham)
(632) 426-4289 to 92 |
UST Psychotrauma Clinic

P.S.2. I invite you on the next run of the “You Can Heal Naturally” Seminar. Our main topic is Mental Health Awareness. We’ll be inviting professionals to help you heal naturally. Check for details.

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