November 30, 2018 – 8 AM to 1PM
The Feast Center, B1 Robinsons Galleria Ortigas Center

More than 3.29 million Filipinos are suffering from depression. 3.07 million Filipinos live with anxiety. And from 2005-2015 there is an increase of more than 18% who are diagnose with anxiety and depression. Let’s break free and address this topic that is usually not spoken off. You can heal naturally.

Break Free

Mental health along with Emotional Health is one of the key factors to achieve wholeness of health. It’s important for us to take care of it or we don’t function in our day to day lives.

Not only that. Mental dis-eases can be a root cause of other diseases like obesity, malnutrition and cancer.

My dear friend, no one is exempted from it whether you are rich or poor. It affects people of all ages. It can affect anyone. But the good thing is, it’s PREVENTABLE.

Do you feel hopeless and alone? Do you know of a love one that is suffering from depression or anxiety that it affects your relationship? Are you be tired of taking medications that strips you of living a normal life? There is hope. There is a natural way of healing from mental dis-eases.

Your can turn it around. You can break free. You can turn your purpose into pain.

We are here for you.

6 reasons why you should join the

  1. Learn how we could take care of our health the natural and holistic way. We live in an advanced age of medicine and technology but yet our society is sicker than ever.  There are more people with anxiety and depression than before. There has been another way, we just forgot about it. We made our healing too complicated. I believe that simpler is better.
  2. Unlearn the wrong beliefs we have about health. This is the hardest thing to do because we have been programmed to think in a fragmented and combative way to treat mental disorders. But sickness needs to be understood and listened to. Get to the root causes because when you change the roots, you change the fruits. Relearn what really makes us sick and what really makes us healthy.
  3. Learn practical ways on improving your sleep, nutrition, stress management, and how to have more energy and vitality. Discover the daily health tips you could apply immediately to have a healthier and happier lifestyle. You will have direct action points to take after the seminar and you’ll restart again your healing journey.
  4. Gain a network of like-minded people who are open and evolving into this new wave of wellness and wholeness thinking. Get insights and learning from others in the healing journey too. We learn from each other and together, we could help people more.
  5. Be health empowered and share this experience to others. You become a channel of learning and healing as you bring this unique experience to your family, company and community. What you learn here is not just for you, but for the people around you.
  6. Listen to the best speakers of mental health. We have pooled speakers who are Mental Health Advocate and will empower you to get out of mental dis-eases.

Your Mental Health Speakers

Dr. Didoy Lubaton
YCHN Seminar Author
Dr. Didoy is an advocate of Holistic Medicine. He believes that modern medicine and natural way to healing can work hand in hand. He is the author of Don’t Let Them Lose You: How to take care of yourself so you can take care of others.


M.A., RGC, PhDc RCWFI Licensed Counselor,
Program Manager, Workshop Animator Psycho-Spiritual Counselor for Individuals, Couples and Families

Cheri Roberto

As a wounded healer, CHERI ROBERTO compassionately heads the Feast Alabang’s pioneer Grief Support Group called the MOURNING TO MORNING MINISTRY. Cheri is also the author of the book “FROM MOURNING TO MORNING” Your partner in Grief and Hope, which was a 2018 finalist for the Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards.

Investment fee: P1000 – Regular Ticket | P2000 – Premium Ticket
For inquiries, send a message to Erica through email:
healthseminar@didoymd.com or mobile 0917.571.0206.