I Worry How I’m Gonna Stop Worrying | When Anxiety Attacks

“In a few days, I will be informing my parents about a very important life decision. Am I going to further training inside the hospital or am I going to pursue another less travelled path of uncertainty. I didn’t want to share that I have also been experiencing fatigue, muscle tension, headache, difficulty falling asleep, and bouts of crying, but the moment I did, something heavy just came off my chest. I now am empowered to take on life, one day, one less worry at a time. – A General Physician”

Have you been stuck in your life, feeling uneasy about many different challenges – some are currently experiencing, some others in the near future – that you could not seem to get out of your current situation out of fear of the unknown, of what lies ahead? Has this been there for about 6 months already? You might be experiencing an Anxiety Attack.

Anxiety attacks are one of the many different mental health conditions that can affect anyone, including you. There are different forms but let us focus on one of the more common that you might also be experiencing.

Have you been experiencing excessive, hard-to-control nervousness, fear and/or worry about a variety of things in your mind? Repeated topics may include your own health or of your family’s, the family budget, or even what people think about you. If you are studying, the focus of worry may include your own abilities or the quality of school performance. Has it been at least 6 months? Do you worry more during waking hours even if it hasn’t even occurred that it is affecting your sleep quality?

If the worry is excessive that it’s already impairing your daily activities, it may help sharing about it with a trusted, reassuring, safe friend. If you know anyone who’s having the symptoms above, consider lending an ear. It will help allowing our friends to pour out their hearts and reassuring them with our presence. If the topics discussed keep on repeating to the point that it is already impairing a friend’s performance be it in school, work or play, consider referring to a specialist.


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P.S. Here are specialist or center that you can connect to:
LOJ Pastoral Care Center
(+63) 02 7259-9999 | (+63) 02 726-0267 | (+63) 02 726-6728 (+63) 02 726-4709

Patrick Gamo
Mental Health Advocate | Professional Counsellor and Psychotherapist
+639178134266 | psychofpat@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/PsychOfPat/

Ning Tadena
Life Coach | Ning.tadena@gmail.com | +63920-9628121 NingTadena.com

Edwin Soriano
Life Coach | Edwin.soriano@gmail.com | +639188002323 http://www.winningcoaching.net

Center for Family Ministries (Cepham)
(632) 426-4289 to 92 | http://www.cefam.ph
UST Psychotrauma Clinic

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