How to heal toxic stresses

Our bodies send us warning signs when they’re beginning to feel the pressure. If we don’t listen, our body starts to scream and that’s the time we get sick.

The real root cause of illness is toxic stress.

Disease is rooted in dis-ease in the physical, emotional, psychosocial, financial, and spiritual aspect of the person.

Toxic stress can be classified into 2 main stresses:

Toxicity happens when there is too much of something in your system. Something is in excess, or there are something that is not supposed to be there.

On the physical level, toxicity comes from regularly consuming processed food, smoking, too much alcohol, chemical exposures, clutter in environment, and an ultra fast paced lifestyle.

On the energy level, toxicity occurs when there’s too much worry, anxiety, fear, hate, anger, guilt, bitterness, unforgiveness, pride and any other negative feeling.

Deficiency happens when there is something that is supposed to be there but is not there or levels are insufficient.

On the physical level, deficiency occurs when there’s not enough nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fiber) through food, poor water intake, lack of sleep, lack of recreation, poor posture, ineffective breathing, low meaningful activity levels, lack of movement and exercise.

On the energy level, deficiency occurs when a person is in isolation, the lack of support system in family and community, when there is hopelessness, lack of love, lack of trust.

How to Treat the Toxic Stresses

As you continue your journey towards fullness of health and wholeness, consider treating the root causes than just treating the symptoms. Take a pause now and reflect. How’s the level of your health now? Do you have particular conditions that you want to fully heal? What contributes to the toxicity and deficiency of your body and being? If you are not happy with the fruit, you can start healing from the roots.

Remember to Detoxify and Nourish. Create an action plan today.

Blessing and healing,


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