Healing Retreat for the Sick, Recovering and Health Journey

Do You Want To Learn The Secrets Of Regaining Full Health And Happiness?


June 18-20, 2018
Angels Hills Retreat House, Tagaytay City
Investment Fee: P19975 (Regular Registration)
Couple / Family Rate: 29975 (2 Tickets –
Please email Madz at connect@didoymd.com for registration)

There comes a time in our life that we are so down and helpless.

You might be experiencing sickness and have tried all the modern medicines and yet you feel sicker. There are also people who can’t break out from past traumas and experiences. Or you might be experiencing a disconnection with God and you feel that He is not listening. Is your body showing symptioms of too much stress and negativity? Do you feel that you’ve lost your purpose? Are you sick and tired of life?

My friend there is hope. It’s time that you take charge of your health. It’s time to take charge of your life.

The healing starts with you.

I invite you to join the

Healing Retreat: Live Healthy, Live Happy.

This is not just an ordinary retreat.

In this healing retreat, you will be empowered to awaken the healer in you.

Hello my name is Dr. Didoy Lubaton and I can help you to become healthy and happy. I want you to take care of yourself so you can takecare of others.

It’s tragic. Everyday in my clinic, I meet sick people who are confused, afraid, and hopeless. Many have tried almost everything, spent all they had for countless treatments, but they’re disheartened, stressed out, and desperate. I meet people who are suffering from depression, midlife / quarterlife crisis. Patients who are in deep pain and has suffered trauma and abuse.

Here’s what I believe. Our body is created wonderfully. Our mind can be renewed and get a better perspective in life. We are created to heal naturally.

Take a time out for your self.

Take a pause to listen to your body and to your being, listen to God’s voice and directions for you.

Take one step back for a greater comeback.

Let me and my team help you out and discover a holistic way to heal. Let me show you that modern medicine and natural holistic method can work hand in hand to jumpstart your journey to healing.

Dr. Didoy Lubaton
Program Author

The Medical Dilemma & Another Path to Healing

Many are in maintenance medications for years and I don’t see any improvement in their well-being. I encountered people who are always tired, like zombies, living aimlessly and wasting their years away. Many are taking anti-depressants / sleeping pills but they are still getting worse.

My heart resonated with these people. There must be some other way!

I started to dedicate more time to my patients. I listened to them and we discovered that their problems were caused by an emotional response.

Here’s what I discovered:

  • We are moving from pharmaceuticals to personal touch.
  • When we managed their stresses, we managed their disease.
  • We need more meaningful people not more pills.
  • We need to go back to our manufacturer

They were able to take charge of their own health, successfully changing lifestyles and creating life-giving habits, and freely let go of worry and negativity. When they were ready, we slowly took out their medicines one by one. They achieved control of their health and wellness.

Going Back To Our Manufacturer

Imagine yourself in peak health, working with passion, blessing the world.
Imagine yourself, healthy and happy, celebrating life with your family.
Imagine yourself taking more control of your health.

Is this possible?

A loud YES!

We just have to listen to our bodies and go back to how we were created.

When our bodies get sick, where do we go? The best way to go is with the One who created you and me.

I believe that Jesus is in all of us. And God has given us the power to heal ourselves. We can be fully alive.

Here are the 7 things you will gain from this Healing Retreat:

  1. Rest and recharge your weary body and soul.
  2. Renew your mind, be in an atmosphere of flowing wisdom and knowledge from the speakers and congregation
  3. Understand the origin of disease, and how to prevent, control, and possibly reverse them
  4. Learn more about healthy nutrition, and the right food choices for healing and wellness.
  5. Rediscover the holistic and natural methods of healing, and discover new options and techniques to healthcare.
  6. Finding peace to self, realizing the purpose of illness, and how to do self-care.
  7. Experience the healing power of surrender, worship, and the sacraments

Fr. Bob McConaghy

We’ll dive in the healing presence of God through the sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation to be presided by our Spiritual Director Fr. Bob McConaghy

Be inspired and be empowered by our roster of health mentors:

Edwin Soriano

Founder and head coach of Winning Coaching. Author of “You Can Be Happy Again”

Michele Alignay, MA, RP, RGC

Family Life Specialist, Author “Family Goals: Embracing the imperfections of Family Life”

Dr. Paolo Tongson

A medical doctor who practices Holistic medicine. Founder of Wellnessland Manila

Chichi Barba

An expert on traditional and natural healing methods
Author of Eat Well, Get Well

Ning Tadena

Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Makeup Artist and Author “Unlock the Diva”

Rezza Custodio-Soriano

Dedicated Life Coach who uses the New Code of Neuro Linguistic Programming

In this retreat, we’ll go for more permanent solutions to your health problems.

We’ll treat the root of our disease.

Knowledge that you could apply daily and eventually leads you to a life of great health, wealth, and happiness.

If you calculate how much you’ll learn from this healing retreat—including how much you’ll save from the cost of maintenance medicines, saving you from the need for unnecessary medical procedures, avoiding the loss of productivity, regaining the knowledge and the skill to heal yourself, and self-health empowerment—the figure will run in the MILLIONS. So we could charge a fortune for this learning event.

But our goal is to help people to live a healthy life.

So your learning investment for the Healing Retreat: Live Healthy, Live Happy

is P19,975 ONLY. (That’s a huge bargain!)

For married couples and family of 2, we have a special rate. rate please email Madz at connect@didoymd.com.

PLUS, you have access to private coaching sessions with our health team in
between the sessions during the 3-day retreat. Our health coaches
are generous to share their time and talent for you.

Watch a success story from one of the attendees

Retreat Details

Venue: Angels Hills Retreat Center Tagaytay City (near the Pink Sisters Convent)

Fee Inclusions: Twin sharing accommodation, 3 meals & 2 snacks per day, one-on-one consultations, retreat guide kit, car parking for 3 days.

For any questions, email Madz at connect@didoymd.com or at +63.995.981.1893