Don’t Let Them Lose You – Take Care of Yourself so You Can Take Care of Others


“I have made it my life mission to help and empower people to be at their fullness of health, that people may live the fullness of life”

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Dr. Didoy Lubaton
Health Mentor. Motivational Speaker. Author

Have you lost someone very dear to you because of sickness?

Are you sick and scared that your family may lose you?

I feel you.

I lost my dad due to diabetes and complications like stroke and kidney disease.

Ever since then, I was on a journey to look for reasons why do people get sick, and what would heal their sicknesses.
I studied to become a nurse and a doctor and learned the foundations and principles of medicine. I spent countless of hours learning from the experiences of my patients too. I discovered that there is so much more to healing than just medicine.

This book shows to you how I found that health is very simple.

I share here some essentials on how to be really healthy and happy.

That everyone has the capability and power to be at their best of health.

Not just for your sake, but also for you to take care of yourself so you and your loved ones would enjoy and live life to the fullest!

I have made it my life mission to help and empower people to be at their fullness of health, that people may live the fullness of life.

Help me share my message to the world.

“Looking for a second opinion from a doctor? It is rare to find a book about medicine that gets to the heart of the truth that we are “fearfully, wonderfully made !!” In down to earth, easily understood terms, Dr Didoy takes us on a healing journey that integrates the physical, emotional, and rarely included spiritual dimensions of being well again. Read Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Holy and learn to live God’s plan in peace and well being and be whole again.”

Author of Closer

“No one values health and life most than the very ill and the one who had lost a cherished beloved. Holistic healing only occurs through a natural approach and very rarely, if ever, from today’s so called “modern” modalities. Dr. Didoy very generously and most sincerely shares the very simple yet very effective methods to achieve holistic healing most especially for people who want to live healthy, happy and holy. One must treasure this book because health is the most “priceless” wealth.”

Pediatrician, Health Author & Speaker.

“Doc-Bro. Didoy Lubaton is not just a doctor of illnesses and diseases. He is a doctor of “the person” – leading you to total healing not just of the body, but of the mind, heart, and spirit. That’s why what he does deeply and truly works. I am extremely glad that what he has done for me and for many others will be extended to many more thru his book. Get ready for a “whole life-changing” experience.”


“Would you like to seriously prolong your life by 20%, increase your health by 40% and double your finances by 80%–compounded??
Then read and act on Dr. Didoy’s book packed with case studies of actual male and female patients with ailments like diabetes, heart blockages, cancer, etc.

These patients have benefited from practical wisdom by Dr. Didoy and his Team of health practitioners. As you read this health book, you may be the next beneficiary. I, 71-year-old Dr Larry Gamboa am one of those who benefitted from the practical down-to-earth wisdom these Doctor partners shared.

In this slim volume Dr. Didoy and his team teach us to “awaken the healer within our own bodies” thus avoiding financially draining high hospital costs of the pill-popping culture of Doctors who may literally prescribe us to death or at least maintain the sickness.

It is time that we protest–with Dr. Didoy and Team’s help. Want to join their health revolution??”

Author, Think Rich Pinoy!

“The essentials laid down on this book are so helpful if you are willing to journey towards healing and wholeness. Reading this book will inspire you to change on all levels, body mind and soul.”

Founde of Wellnessland Health Institute
Founder of Self Health Empowerment Movement

“Dr. Didoy accompanied me in my journey of healing. He is such a compassionate doctor, always balanced and thorough. But there is something even more exceptional about him – his medical approach is based on solid spiritual truths. He believes true health is achieved in caring not just for the body, but mind and spirit as well. I know he put so much into this first book… and I believe this will help you achieve the wellness and wholeness you desire.”

arun-gognaARUN GOGNA
Best-selling Author

“Bro Dr. Didoy Lubaton, who I first saw as a worship leader back in 2011 has always impressed me as one who is so God loving. And when I met him personally when my husband got sick and was diagnosed with colon cancer, he helped me emotionally and spiritually take on this life changing challenge happening in my life.

His book is such as blessing to all of us and it has thought me not the medical side of things which I have heard from all the doctors that I have seen but also, being happy and healthy through the relationship with the Lord.

By friend, Bro Didoy, yes, the Medical doctor but more than that, the preacher who taught me that medicine is not the only healer. God is. And God can really show us have to be healthy and happy.

Now, I refused to get stressed. Stress is condition of the mind. This book of his will tell us how. I want to live 10, 365 more days, lived with quality and I will learn from Bro Didoy, one of the best doctor preachers I have ever known. Thanks Bro Didoy! Thanks you for blessing me and my family”


Executive Director, IBPAP, Jack Canfield Certified Success Principles Trainer, Part time Faculty, DLSU, CSB, most specially, a Feaster and a God lover.

“This book is for all of us who are tired of dealing with the symptoms and are looking for real healing.

If you suspect that healing doesn’t need to be mysterious (and expensive)! If you want to understand how healing miracles are “within,” and staying healthy is shockingly simple! Then you’re holding the right book! A great help to a long, healthy, and happy life!

President / CEO of LeadLife, Inc.
Dean of the Light of Jesus School of Leadership
District Builder, Laguna

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