Think Wholeness

What you think becomes your reality. We’ve heard this many times from different sources. But this is also true with regards to our health and well-being. When you want to be really healthy and happy, think of wholeness. Our body, soul, and spirit are one. One affects the other. Get a bigger perspective on what … Read more

Live Intentionally

I see people living like zombies, living aimlessly everyday, stuck in a life of mediocrity. Start living with a purpose today. Set goals, act on them, and celebrate your winning and your learning. There is so much joy when you wake up everyday with a purpose. Even small steps become big leaps when done overtime. … Read more

You Attract Who You Are

I really believe in this: The state of your relationship is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. When we are full of insecurity, shame, and doubt, our relationships will show it through jealousy, anger, or dependence on another person. Negativity breeds negativity. A happy, peaceful person attracts a happy and peaceful crowd. Remember who … Read more