Think Wholeness

What you think becomes your reality. We’ve heard this many times from different sources. But this is also true with regards to our health and well-being. When you want to be really healthy and happy, think of wholeness. Our body, soul, and spirit are one. One affects the other. Get a bigger perspective on what … Read more

There is hope

I met a 45 year old woman in the clinic with her husband helping her as she walked with her swollen feet. I noticed her unkempt appearance, her energy low and afraid. She has been battling with diabetes for years now and can’t seem to control it. She gave me her laboratory tests and it … Read more


There is healing power in your relationships. When I was young, I often had asthma attacks. And every time I’d have my breathlessness episodes, my parents would make me sleep on their bed. They’ll give extra care for me; give me the food that I like. My mom who is a doctor would bring me … Read more