Be the “doctor” of your family.


It starts with YOU. I will teach you how to take care of yourself so you can take care of others. Doctor comes from the word “Docere” meaning teacher. I see a society where a member of the family is doctor who is intentional, informative, self-empowering, self-organizing and self-sustaining.

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Dr. Didoy Lubaton is a trusted health speaker by different companies and organization to give seminar or talks on health and wellness. These companies knows the true value of health. Healthy team in mind and body means better productivity and better workplace.

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    An organization with healthy individuals and leaders leads over competition. Health empowered team will bring the business to the next level. Let us help inspire your team thru team building and health seminars.
    We heard you and created this online health seminars for you. We want to empower individuals across the globe. Watch my online health seminars anywhere and anytime.

    About Doc Didoy

    Hi I’m Dr. DIDOY LUBATON. Me and my team helps many individuals and organizations achieve balance and wholeness, leading them to healing in body, mind, and spirit.

    We do this by conducting regular health seminars and healing retreats. Also, we spread our health advocacy via social media thru videos, blogs and daily health tips.

    Let us guide you on how to take care of yourself. We will work together to achieve balance and wholeness, leading you to optimum health. Then you can take care of others and be the “doctor” in your family.

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    Live Health Events

    Kickstart your journey to optimum health and healing. Learn the basic principles of taking care of yourself to live healthy and happy.
    A 3-day retreat of healing with the best spirit, mind, and body mentors. A retreat for those who wants to learn holistic approach to healing.
    Get away from the noise and get in touch with nature. This 3-day wellness journey will help you step back for a greater comeback

    Doc Didoy’s Blogs

    I believe that to live to our full potential, we win in every area of our lives. Let’s begin to think that being healthy is not just about being sexy and bodily fit...

    P.T.S.D. (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

    “Scars are signs of healing, but they remain and remind us how we became stronger because of how we got them.” Have you lost a loved one recently or underwent an unexpected shocking event that led you in tears? Have you been experiencing symptoms such as repeated nightmares, flashbacks and fearful thoughts about what happened? … Read more

    I Worry How I’m Gonna Stop Worrying | When Anxiety Attacks

    “In a few days, I will be informing my parents about a very important life decision. Am I going to further training inside the hospital or am I going to pursue another less travelled path of uncertainty. I didn’t want to share that I have also been experiencing fatigue, muscle tension, headache, difficulty falling asleep, … Read more

    Saving Wonder Woman – Coping with the Stress of Pregnancy and Giving Birth

    We see our mother and wife as Wonder Woman. They can do everything. They take care of us when we’re sick. They fill our tummies with hearty meals. And some of them manage to have a successful careers. But there comes a time our Wonder Woman needs saving. This may happen during and after pregnancy. … Read more

    Stay Healthy During The Rainy Days

    Do you feel the sad atmosphere because of the weather? We’re in the second half of the year, and the rains and wind won’t let the summer sun beat them! It’s a popular thing to get down with a cold during this season, but how do we arm ourselves to fight the common cold during … Read more

    How Good Health Leads to Building Wealth

    Health is wealth. I always share this in my seminars and one-on-one sessions. Most people don’t realize this. It only comes to attention when they lose it. Think about this. How many times a year do you get a simple cold? Do you know anyone having kidney dialysis because of Diabetes or High Blood Pressure? … Read more

    Are you Healthy Happy?

    How is true happiness and our health related? Here’s a thought. “GOOD relationships keep us HAPPIER and HEALTHIER.” Our relationships and how happy we are in them have a powerful influence to our health, according to Robert Waldinger, director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, a psychiatrist, and a professor at Harvard Medical School. The … Read more

    How to Recognize Depression and Cope with It

    Mental health along with Emotional Health is one of the key factors to achieve wholeness of health. It’s important for us to take care of it or we don’t function in our day to day lives. It’s really sad to hear about the high profile suicides in the news. My dear friend, no one is … Read more

    My Father’s Miraculous Healing

    I would like to share with you an excerpt taken from CLOSER: Pray Your Way to Intimacy with God by Fr. Bob  McConaghy. Fr. Bob is the Spiritual Director for the Healing Retreat. He will be guiding us in our Journey to Spiritual Healing. The excerpt is the story of his father’s healing and how God answered his … Read more

    Know your lab test

    There are times that our bodies gives in to diseases. And when that happens, our doctors usually order lab tests. And most of the time we are clueless why this test are done. Don’t be afraid to undergo the test my friend. Usually these test are requested by your doctor for the following reasons: Evaluate … Read more

    Take Your Vitamin B

    Have you ever wondered why your doctors prescribe or ask you to take Vitamin B Complex? Let me share with you what Vitamin B Complex is. Vitamin B Complex is the eight B Vitamins – B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12. Vitamin B Complex play an important role in keeping our bodies running … Read more


    I have made it my life mission to help and empower people to be at their fullness of health, that people may live the fullness of life. This is the purpose of this book. Lean how to take care of yourself in easy to follow guide and principles.

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    Here are some kind words about me

    “Dr. Lubaton is the most empathic, sensitive and kind doctor I have. He cared for my health more than I ever did. He was also with me every step of the way and was just as concerned about my emotional and mental well-being during the recovery process. Constantly on a cheery mood, it was almost impossible to feel bad during a visit to his clinic.”

    Isabel-GastuslaoIsabel Gatuslao
    Graphic Designer

    “Doc Didoy exemplifies wellness in its simplest and most credible form. His personal, practical, and natural approaches to healthcare have not only brought me back to health, but taught me how to sustain such while valuing much more of what life can offer. Doc Didoy will show you health like never before.”

    J-yogawin J Yogawin
    MetaCoach & Feast Builder

    “No one values health and life most than the very ill and the one who had lost a cherished beloved.  Holistic healing only occurs through a natural approach and very rarely, if ever, from today’s so called “modern” modalities.  Dr. Didoy very generously and most sincerely shares the very simple yet very effective methods to achieve holistic healing most especially for people who want to live healthy, happy and holy.”

    Pediatrician, Health Author & Speaker